Laofengxiang Wedding Theme Pop-up Shop

Laofengxiang Wedding Theme Pop-up Shop


Team Project


Peiyao Yang

Zixiong Lang 

Yuliang Zhong

Yuxing Li


Display Designer


3 WEEK(May 2020)

Project Story

This project is a collaboration with the brand. We want to create a classic pop-up store that never fades by thinking about the most moving part of Chinese marriage and combining the brand’s own characteristics, combined with interactive shopping that modern young people like. In this way, we designed such a retro Chinese pop-up store with modern elements.

My Role 

For this project, I am responsible for the preliminary brand research and the establishment of the information framework, the store display and interactive experience design in the mid-term, and the modeling work in the mid-term.

Wedding Three Gold

traditional Chinese marriage tradition is to buy three golds, including gold necklaces, gold bracelets  and gold earrings. Lao Fengxiang is a century-old national brand in China. The wedding-themed pop-up store mainly displays three golds. 

Store Owner Color

In order to highlight the old Fengxiang brand and new styles, the craftsmanship is refined, the prestigious concept is good and the shop style is more stable, the red of traditional Chinese weddings and the gold representing gold are selected, and a more traditional shop display method is adopted. 

Interactive Experience

in order to attract young people and the gold jewellery itself is inconvenient to try on at will, an interactive experience device can be added, and gold jewellery and clothing can be matched at will for virtual try-on.


This project made every member of our group very excited. While investigating Chinese people’s views and attitudes towards marriage, I was inspired. In order to balance the development of visual and color distribution and themes, we researched and explored various display methods and the way of interaction is to create a pop-up store that is as classic as the old brand of the brand, and like eternal love.