The Dream Cabinet Of Butterfly

The Dream Cabinet of Butterfly


Team Project


Peiyao Yang

Zixiong Lang 

Mei Yuan 

Jiang Tao 


Display Designer


4 Week(Dec 2019)

My Role 

For this project, I provided the design direction, proposed solutions to specific problems, established the early window information architecture, designed the window vision and completed the window construction with the team members in the final stage.

This project originated from our curious exploration of the visual system of the window itself and the study of the concept transmission attempt. The application of the form of the window itself in the place of business activities, for the brand audience girls to create a dream window, we lasted four weeks, all members devoted their efforts. In addition to the conceptual output required by the course, we made the actual window display to make this dream come true. The work was finally displayed as a teaching case in Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts for a month.

Butterfly And Dream

psyche means soul, spirit, and soul in the West, and in ancient Greece it means a butterfly that symbolizes the human soul. In a surreal context, the butterfly is sureal, and Freud called dreams the “Royal road to the unconscious”.The transformation meaning of Chuang Chou Dreaming a Butterfly is that clothes are just like a layer of skin of the body.Dreams are another expression for butterflies.

Girl And Transformation

transformation: a path from girl to lady,Girls will imagine that clothes can bring more beautiful imagination. 

Taoism advocates that nature and the ecological art that I am interested in share the concept, and the window can be regarded as a kind of curiosity cabinet, a contemporary curiosity cabinet, and the prototype of the curiosity cabinet in the 17th century originated from a girl .When our doll house became a part of the exhibition culture, the first batch of display contents in the cabinet were also natural geographical specimens.

Window Derivatives

After the window was completed, the school organized a window exhibition for us. In order to encourage more people to watch our exhibition, I designed a set of promotional posters and posted them at the school notice. The poster style is closely attached to the window style and uses butterfly elements. The number of people watching the exhibition has increased since the poster was posted


This project lasts for four weeks. In just one month, our team conducts research on commercial showcases, designs and implements the plan. Although the showcases are still accompanied by many shortcomings, we will continue to get closer to our creativity and update the showcases. We look forward to that will be the dream that we created for girls.